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Cloth blog

More than a diary, not less than a guide.
Get inspired to introduce cloth into your household, and find useful tips and tricks that make your life easier and your cloth journey smoother
Unsure about using cloth pads? Why not try cloth panty liners?!

Perfect for low flow days, where you still need protection but don't want to wear a plastic pad.

Less landfill waste, more comfort! And remember, big changes always start small.
September 18, 2020

Tip of the week: Panty liners as a trial

If you're going through (or about to go through) potty training, you know accidents and certain messes are inevitable. Use a wet bag instead of a plastic bag to store your child's soiled clothes! Keep it neatly rolled up in their back pack for nursery use, in case of accidents and reduce unnecessary plastic use.

Wet bags are waterproof, and contain smells. Perfect storage for soiled clothes. Can later be used for swim wear, on the go laundry bag, or to store used food containers and keep your purse clean.

Wash with normal laundry.

Tune in next week for another clever tip!

September 4, 2020

Tip of the week: Wet bags for potty training