Penguin Ball - AIO/Pocket Hybrid

Eco Fluff
What do we love about this nappy?

- The lining is charcoal fleece, a dark-colored, soft, stay-dry material. Due to the bamboo charcoal, it is more resistant to stains, smells, and may be a better option for babies with sensitive skin
- The sewn-in absorbent core is made of microfiber.
- This fabric is very fast-absorbing, and will catch wee before it can 'flood' a nappy! This is especially important with older babies who can hold their pee and let out a big waterfall all at once.
- The additional insert is bamboo fleece – this heavyweight fabric will catch any compression leaks, and will hold a lot of liquid, given how thin it is! Easy to prep!
- Because the top layer of absorbency is sewn-in, it is not necessary to place the additional insert in perfectly! The top one will always catch everything.
- Very quick-drying, compared to some other AIO options
- Customizable! You can add absorbency by using additional inserts/ different inserts etc

Outer material: PUL

Inserts materials: Bamboo charcoal fleece and microfiber

Type: AIO/Pocket hybrid

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