Bamboo trifold - Anavy

Size 36x40cm

How to use

You can use the "angel wing fold" and secure on baby with a snappi. This is a great solution for smaller babies, who still have very liquid poo, since it helps keep everything contained. You will need to use a diaper cover on top.

For a very easy solution, just fold the trifold in thirds and use inside a cover or pocket. This gives you a very absorbent, yet trim, 6 layer insert that unfolds for quick drying.

The diaper reaches its full absorbency after a few washes.

Fabric composition
70 % viscose (bamboo), 28 % cotton (organic) a 2 % polyester

All fabrics are certified as suitable for babies under 3 years. There may be markings that disappear after washing.
Designed and manufactured in the Czech republic.

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