Sweet unicorns - Day pad set

The best Anavy cloth pads! Incredibly thin, yet reliable, they stay in place perfectly thanks to the unique hourglass shape. Trim wings do not add bulk so you won´t even know you are wearing them.

Anavy Intimate cloth pads mean exquisite craftsmanship and luxury. These pads can be one of your first steps towards a Zero Waste lifestyle.

  • DAY - length 23.5 cm
  • Absorbency: ***
The snapped width is 7 cm

How to use

The cloth pads are to be changed as often as disposable pads. Wear them the print side against your body.

The pads will reach their full absorbency after several washes.

Fabric composition
  • top layer: cotton woven fabric (100% cotton
  • absorbent core: bamboo terry (70 % viscose (from bamboo), 28 % cotton (organic) a 2 % polyester

      Type: Day pad

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