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We offer two Cup sizes and two types of firmness. That gives you 4 options in total.

Smaller or larger?

We recommend the smaller Cup for women and young girls who haven't had a baby yet. It has a diameter of 4 cm.

Larger Cup is for women who've already had a baby. It doesn't matter whether the delivery was natural or you had a C-section. Diameter of 4,5 cm.

Firm or soft?

Soft Cup is great for sensitive women. It folds more easily.

Firm Cup, on the other hand, unfolds almost immediately and stays firmly put from the very beginning. We would also recommend the Firm Cup to women who exercise a lot (due to strong pelvic floor muscles).


Menstrual Cup: 100% medical silicone

Small bag: 100% cotton

Material: 100% medical silicone

Bag material: 100% cotton

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